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Dizzi v1.3.2 – Responsive Product Designer for WooCommerce

Dizzi is a simple and beautiful WooCommerce add-on for selling customizable products. There is no need to guess what your customers may want. They tell you what they want with the Dizzi help.

Dizzi is fully responsive – it can be used conveniently even on smallest devices.Developed and tested on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Your clients can design products wherever needed.

Dizzi is super-easy for WooCommerce administrators. You can setup Dizzi in a few clicks and it integrates seamless in your current WooCommerce store.

Key features:

Add multiple views to a product, e.g. front and back of a hoody
Organize your cliparts into categories
Enable/disable customization for certain products
Manage the list of products and orders
Open the customized products from admin view and edit custom design
Customers can add their own photos, images from the art gallery or text
Extremely easy customization process for customers
Define the design area position and dimensions
Export customized products’ design
Define your own colors for the main plugin elements (buttons lines, etc.)

Demo Dizzi v1.3.2 – Responsive Product Designer for WooCommerce


Download Dizzi v1.3.2 – Responsive Product Designer for WooCommerce

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