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Download PrivateContent User Data add-on v1.21

User Data is a PrivateContent add-on that allow the creation of unlimited fields to use in unlimited forms. The main goal of this extension is to give you the means to built up an entire database and interact with your users.

Extend PrivateContent – Add unlimited fields
User Data boost your PrivateContent plugin by allowing you to create and use unlimited fields to store unlimited data of your customers.

Just enter the field name, choose its type and you’re read to store and let your users insert their own data.

Each field is dinamically validated, so if you set a field as en “US date”, this field will always contain a valid date.

You can create in seconds textareas, multiple checkboxes, date field, e-mail fields and many more.
Need to add one more option? no problem, just go in te fields builder and add it.

Create unlimited forms – Interact with your users
Once you’ve created your custom fields you’re ready to use them to create your custom forms. User Data comes with a visual builder that makes it very easy!
Create the form and choose the fields to use between the ones available. Sort them and choose if each of them has to be required.

You can also use the default PrivateContent fields. Let your user change their password and e-mail autonomously.

You can also use the brand new fields in the PrivateContent registration form.

User Data integrates seamlessy in it allowing you to manage the fields easily and fastly.

Interact with your users, let them fill in the fields.

Manage and export data
Of course you can manage the new data in the admin panel of PrivateContent. Editing a user you will see all the new fields and manage them.

Finally, export everything. The add-on extend the PrivateContent exporting feature including all the custom fields for each user. Create entire user database has never been so easy!

User data shortcode
The simplest way to display the info stored in the database is using the shortcode provided by the add-on.
Once logged, the user will see its data as plain text.

It’s great to create welcome messages or print summary diagrams.

Demo PrivateContent User Data add-on


Download PrivateContent User Data add-on

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