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Download – Push Notifications for Posts v2.0.1

Download – Push Notifications for Posts v2.0.1

Push Notifications for Posts, v2.0.1

Push Notifications for Posts is our basic solution for small personal blogs. We also offer a full-featured plugin, Push Notifications for WordPress, designed for all the other websites. If you’re not sure which plugin is right for you, compare the features here.

Send push notifications to iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices when you publish a new post. Straight from your WordPress site, in real-time.

Alert your visitors when new content is published, converting them to regular and loyal readers. It’s like a newsletter, but so much more effective. Keep your audience engaged.

Push Notifications for Posts allows you to focus on building beautiful and unique apps, without developing your own server-side back-end. Content for the apps is collected automatically from your WordPress site, so no extra work is needed to maintain them.

Demo Push Notifications for Posts v2.0.1


Download Push Notifications for Posts v2.0.1

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